Maud Simmons Art

  • Maud Simmons abstract painting


    Balance, color, mark-making, meaning

  • Maud Simmons landscape painting of dark sky


    Mother Nature sure knows how to put on a show

  • Maud Simmons mixed media work of colorful cow

    Mixed Media

    Mix it up for emotion, for depth, for texture, for color

  • Maud Simmons work in her Unsentimental Flower collection


    Capturing the unemotional fact of gardens, but allowing for beauty

  • Maud Simmons print of rooster


    Living creatures in all their beauty, emotion, and unspoken communication

  • Maud Simmons remaster work of Durer's Hare


    Reproductions of the Masters

  • Maud Simmons flower painting in a modern kitchen

    Studio Sales

    See something you like? It may be available. See my studio sales page.

  • Maud Simmons landscape painting


    Sensitive translation of our environment through the lens of color

Creating Art

I've always known that my path is to be a creator, an alchemist, a transformer of reality. Give me a surface and I will paint on it, draw on it, paste on it. There is nothing more satisfying than making something where there once was nothing. To feel the brush on the canvas or the pencil on the paper is an empowering experience, and a passionate one. In my career I have created enormous murals and landscape paintings, and also humble little watercolors of fruit and flowers. To jump from the startling to the intimate is my pleasure and my purpose. Contact me.

Commissioned Work

Commissioned Work - Maud Simmons landscape painting

If you have a desire for a particular piece, I can create it, re-master it, or make something to go with another piece you have.

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Studio Sales

Studio Sales - photo of Maud in her studio

I always have an inventory of art available. have a look at my Studio Sales page. If you see something you like, let me know.

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Private Instruction

Private Instruction - Maud Simmons's paints and brushes

I've been teaching for ages. If you would like private instruction in art and design, I can provide that.

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My Work

I am nothing if not prolific. Here is a sample of my work. Please visit my complete collection here.

Commission Work...

Maud Simmons self portrait

Almost any artist will tell you that they hate it. They want to paint what they want, and really, 'How dare you tell me what to do'? In this arena, I am an exception to the rule. I love the challenge, the puzzle, of creating artwork for a specific purpose. I enjoy the interchange of visual ideas with a client, and working out the 'plan' for a piece. There is a spark that occurs when a painting is created for a certain space, or occasion. Several years ago I was commissioned to paint a large piece for a client who had 2 dogs, a cat, and a huge collection of snow globes. Ultimately I painted all the animals in a snowy forest scene within a snow globe. When the client came to see the finished piece he actually started crying. Now, that is thrilling!

Maud Simmons