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They say that those who can't 'do', teach. Well, I must disagree. Those who can teach, 'do'. In my years of instructing art students I have found that a number of interesting things happen. I am called on to answer questions where, left to a more casual situation, I would just say 'I dunno'. Somehow the answers come though, from a place in mind that would otherwise be unavailable. I have found over and over again that a memory is sparked and the answer is there, drawn from a vast repository of thought and experience laying just underneath the surface. I love when that happens. It makes me realize that nothing is ever lost in my creative life. I also find that my own work is informed by what happens in the classroom. Ideas are born and juices are stirred when visual experiments succeed and also when they fail. As my students begin to see the world in a brighter light I do too.

There is nothing that matches this experience.

Creativity is Essential to Life

Have you ever wanted to create your own works of art? I can help. At your location or in my studio...

Private and Semi-Private Lessons: one or two people, 2 hours $100 each

Group Lessons: two to five people, 2 hours $55 each

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